PXG | 0811X & 0811XL Drivers

PXG 0811X and PXG 0811LX Drivers


The 0811X and the lighter weight 0811LX drivers deliver incredible distance, an unmatched sound and feel, and exceedingly low spin. We didn’t give them a fancy name because PXG says it all.


Low spin and incredible distance


Our lightest weight and lowest spinning drivers yet, the 0811X and 0811LX drivers are engineered with a patented honeycomb TPE insert, carbon fiber crown, complex variable face design and precision weighting system. The exceptionally low CG position and precision weighting system create optimal launch conditions for killer ball flight and incredible distance.


Performance engineered


The 0811X and 0811LX drivers will help improve your game by giving you the low spin and distance you need, without sacrificing forgiveness. Preferred by world number one, Lydia Ko. Imagine what they can do for you.


A class of their own


The 0811X and 0811LX drivers feature one of the lowest CG positions on the market while also maintaining an xtremely high MOI. This helps create a high launch with a low spin, improving both distance and accuracy.


Weights optimize launch, spin and direction 


The 0811X and 0811LX drivers have platinum colored weights made of high-density tungsten (2g) and black weights made of low-density titanium (.5g). The weights provide significant amount of moveable mass in the clubhead that can be easily adjusted to influence spin and bias. The overall assembled mass can also be adjusted by switching weights, with a total range of 21 grams across the X driver collection.


PXG | 0811X & 0811XL Drivers